Tuesday, August 10, 2010

HTML5 Canvas Editing

I have been experimenting for a while now with the HTML5 canvas element.
I have encountered a few drawbacks while doing so.
  • The first drawback is that there is no ellipse support!  You can draw a circle, or a circle segment / arc.  But you will have to use cubic bezier curves if you want to draw an ellipse.
  • Ever try to edit a bezier curve by hand? Ouch.
  • And finally, there isn't really any editor support out there yet.
With that in mind, let me present my solution, for all you HTML5 canvas developers:  svg2canvas.
I wrote up a bare-bones converter applet, that will accept a small svg file, and attempt to convert it to a javascript file using canvas.
As noted in the webapp, there is nowhere near full SVG support.  Text is not even supported yet!  However, you can always convert text to a path.

Here it is:
Note: This is currently broken.  If anyone is interested in trying it out, let me know and I'll get it working somewhere else.

  • Download and install Inkscape
  • Draw up a nice SVG graphic
  • Upload it to svg2canvas
  • Preview and download javascript!
  • Maybe think about posting a comment!
I make no guarantee that your SVG file will work.  Here's hoping!

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